BRS2 Tours (Swindon, England)

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Location Details
Our Fulfilment Centre in Swindon is a robotics sortable facility. In these centres, associates ship items smaller than a conventional microwave alongside robots.

East Midlands Gateway, Unit 1, Wilders Way
Derbyshire, England DE74 2BB


Please arrive 15 minutes early to locate parking as we have no designated guest parking spots. As you approach the building, enter the main car park. You can enter through either the second or third entrance on the right (the first entrance before these is for Lorries only). Please follow the one way system, adhere to the 10MPH speed limit and reverse parking. Accessible parking is at the front near the main entrance.


As you walk towards the Fulfilment Centre, observe the pedestrian walkways and crossings and head towards the main entrance which says ‘BRS2’ on the front. Once at the entrance, please enter through the main doors and go to the check in desk on the right. One of our Tour Guides will be there to greet you!

Additional Details
Please follow signage to Symmetry Park.